Friday the 13th: Resurrected Shuttering Project After Confirming Cease & Desist Order

As we reported on Friday, the development team of a modded version of Friday the 13th: The Game, known as Resurrected, received a cease & desist order demanding they cease all operations, development and marketing of the project. After the team took a couple of days to discuss the matter among themselves and with lawyers, they have decided to hang it up and, unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones.

The team took to X to make the announcement, saying that they didn’t intend to “hurt the brand” of Friday the 13th as Horror Inc. was claiming in the legal document. At first, the news of the C&D was met with skepticism and disbelief, mostly because the attorney in question, Joshua Geller, acted as unprofessionally as someone who has only seen a few seasons of Law & Order. The legal document was delivered via public Discord server to the Resurrected team and was so poorly written that many in the server community believed it to be a hoax and a prank. Resurrected has since confirmed Geller is, in fact, an attorney with the firm Greeenberg Glasker representing Horror Inc.

Another casualty over the weekend was Friday the 13th: Complete Edition, which has been around for a couple of years operating their servers for PC players. On Sunday, they notified their followers of the Cease & Desist order they received, which was very similar to the order Resurrected previously received. Complete Edition did not hesitate to announce they would be closing their servers for the game on Monday. Another popular mod, Summer Camp, just disappeared from Discord over the weekend as well. We are not sure if they received a similar order or if they were just getting out before legal action was even threatened.

Even though fan excitement was at an all time high, especially in the gaming world temporarily, this action from Horror Inc, which is Sean Cunningham’s company name for all things Friday the 13th, may actually hurt the brand in the short term. Fans are actively expressing outrage on social media and in Discord saying this move only makes them dislike Cunningham more. There are countless fan films out there, some with millions of views, which have not been served with legal action, but as soon as a little attention comes to a few modded video games, Horror Inc. can’t wait to call the lawyers. We wondered why that might be.

As we’ve reported before, Cunningham confirmed with us last July the development of another Friday the 13th video game which may be getting closer to reality. At the time, Cunningham wouldn’t share any other details, but with this onslaught of legal action against free video game mods, it might be a sign of an official announcement for a new video game coming soon.