Friday the 13th: Resurrected Receives Potential Cease & Desist Order

It sure didn’t take long for the underground developers of the modded version of Friday the 13th: The Game, a project called Friday the 13th: Resurrected, to be served with a cease and desist order from a law firm claiming to represent Horror Inc. But, it’s not as cut and dry as it may seem.

First, you can view the C&D for yourself below.

The petitioner claims to be Joshua Geller from the law firm Greenberg Glusker in Los Angeles. While we have found a website for the firm, and even a bio for the named attorney, there are a few things that don’t seem to add up.

First, the letterhead seems very simple and plain for an established law firm that claims to have been around 65 years. The language used in the letter also doesn’t seem to be as legally pertinent to the developers intentions. It more resembles a “copy and paste” job that doesn’t appear authentic.

Secondly, the letter was delivered as a PDF by someone using the handle joshg2 on Discord. It was just dropped in the general text chat of the Resurrected Discord with little explanation or further comment. We’ve dealt with a few lawyers in our day and not a single one of them has ever delivered a legal document by way of Discord.

The letter’s arrival was met by a wide range of emotions on the Discord server, from users saying the equivalent of “I told you so,” to others just reacting in shock and awe. But others immediately started questioning the legitimacy of the document. Moderators of the Resurrected Discord server have only asked other users to “calm down” while they sort it all out. The deadline listed in the C&D is April 12, 2024.

For now, we have to sit back and wait until the developers decide what to do next. Other Discord servers that hosted other similar mods, such as Summer Camp, were immediately delisted, at least temporarily. We are not aware of them receiving a similar letter or if they are just being cautious until a resolution is announced by Resurrected. We will stay on top of this story as it develops.