Besides Curse Your Luck, Death Curse Society is available for a wide variety of booking opportunities. We have detailed some of them below, but if you have another option, please contact us for more information.

Panel Moderation

Death Curse Society can provide panel moderation for all of your celebrity panels. We always bring a sense of professionalism and fun to all the panels we host and can involve even the most timid audiences in any event. Our method for involving the audience and allowing  them to ask questions has proven to be the best for panelists and audiences alike. We can work with your event coordinator to schedule the best possible panels at the right time to avoid photo ops and fit with the celebrity’s personal schedule as well. Let us deal with the mundane tasks of scheduling these events rather than taking up your precious time that could be spent on other event business.

We also offer the ability to record, edit, and publish these panels at a future date or they can be broadcast live. Unlike most other panels you will see online, ours are professionally recorded and edited using multiple camera angles, which gives the final video a more cinematic presentation with titles, intro music, and more.

Don’t take your chances leaving panel moderation up to an amateur. Let Death Curse Society bring their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and personality to your convention or event. We have previously moderated panels with Tony Todd, a Fright Night reunion featuring Chris Sarandon, and more. Client testimonials and sample videos can be provided upon request.

Scaraoke Hosting

One of our hosts, Redcranke, is a professional karaoke host and runs one of the busiest karaoke companies in his home state. Redcranke works with bars, clubs, restaurants, corporations, charitable organizations, and private events with a stellar reputation. Death Curse Society could bring scaraoke to your event.

We provide all the necessary equipment to run a show – including speakers, microphones, monitors, and lights – with a constantly growing catalog of songs to choose from featuring every possible genre. Moreover, you get a host with almost two decades of experience to run the show.

Consider Scaraoke from Death Curse Society for your next convention or event.

Costume Contest Hosting and Judging

Are you planning to host a costume contest at your next convention or event? Let Death Curse Society host and/or judge the event. The members of Death Curse Society have a combined 60+ years of experience in hosting special events and can bring that expertise to your event or convention.

Contact us for more details.

Live Video Podcast

Let Death Curse Society host a LIVE edition of their podcast directly from your convention, featuring your guests and celebrities. Our fully interactive video podcast is broadcast regularly on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch and a special edition from your event or convention can be turned into a very special occasion.

Not only can we interview celebrities scheduled to be at your event or convention, we can spotlight certain vendors, costume contest winners, cosplayers, and more. When we come to a convention, we make friends everywhere we go. We have previously broadcast live from the Roseblood Film Premiere in 2022, Morgue & Krypt Horror Fest in 2023, and more.

Let us know how we can make your convention or event stand out with a live video podcast.

Film Screenings and Celeb Q&A's

Similar to our panel moderation experience, we are also well-versed in hosting film screenings and celeb Q&A’s either before or after the screening. We have previously hosted Danielle Harris after a screening of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Bill Moseley after a screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.

Additionally, we have also hosted an all-night slumber party event called the Horrorpocolypse 2022 which featured five films, horror trivia, prize giveaways, and more.

What Do You Have In Mind?

This is just a sampling of what we can offer. If you have a different idea in mind, please feel free to reach out to us.

You may approximate date, if necessary.