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Curse Your Luck Offers Live, Interactive Entertainment at Days of the Dead

The first-ever horror-themed trivia game show, Curse Your Luck, is coming to Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 6, 2024, courtesy of the groundbreaking YouTube podcast Death Curse Society.

Curse Your Luck is a live, interactive game show experience that tests your horror trivia knowledge, strategy, and a touch of luck. It’s fun, nerve-wracking, and winners get some cool prizes from sponsors such as Bell’s Fancy Creations, Scream Team Releasing, and Klaatu Records, to name just a few.

“When we started our show, we wanted to be different than any other horror show out there,” said Redcranke, founding member and CEO of Death Curse Society. “We adopted the use of video conference broadcasts early on, which has now become the norm, so we had to think of something else outside the box. No one was producing a horror-themed game show, so that’s what we did.”

Curse Your Luck began as an online game show in February 2022 that invited contestants to compete from all over the world for prizes from Death Curse Society. Later, the online format was adapted to a live stage production which Death Curse Society could bring to conventions and other special events. They made their live stage debut at Morgue & Krypt Horror Fest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in July of 2023. Since then, they’ve performed at multiple Monster Mania and Days of the Dead events across the country.

“The idea was pretty simple, but getting it to work online was difficult,” said The Colonel, Vice-President and founding member of Death Curse Society. “We were having so much fun online we thought it would be a great interactive event at conventions and a way to let the audience become a part of their favorite con.”

Fans from Albuquerque, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Cherry Hill, NJ, all agree that Curse Your Luck is one of the most original and entertaining events to come along in a long time.

“[Curse Your Luck] was definitely the highlight of my weekend,” said Kristen Marsico, co-host of Horror Con Lounge and past contestant at Monster Mania in 2023. “Death Curse Society gave me the chance to participate in a convention event that was up my alley. Even though I didn’t win, the experience was still amazing, and I still got a free t-shirt just for playing.”

Death Curse Society will be returning to Days of the Dead – Indianapolis July 5-7, 2024, and Curse Your Luck will be part of Saturday’s entertainment. Prizes available to win at the live event will include amazing horror wreaths from Bell’s Fancy Creations, independent horror films from Scream Team Releasing, and obscure horror soundtracks from Klaatu Records, as well as tickets to future Days of the Dead events and other prizes secured at the convention.

“The prizes are the best part,” Zig Zag, founding member and CFO of Death Curse Society, said. “Our prizes packages have grown to be over $1,000 at each event now and they just keep getting better. The wreaths from Bell’s Fancy Creations are so beautiful and original that no fan can deny.”

Death Curse Society also hosts a live interactive weekly show called Monday Maniacs, in which they review current films, rank their favorites in a variety of categories, interview genre celebrities, and more. Monday Maniacs airs every Monday at 8:00pm EST on Death Curse Society’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. You can also catch up with current news, trailers, and other horror information with Weekend Update, which drops every Friday on their YouTube channel. For more information, please visit https://deathcursesociety.com.