Find Your Center with Yoga Horror in Mind Body Spirit

For many of us, yoga is terrifying! But the trailer for Mind Body Spirit takes the terror of the exercise trend in a different direction.

Anya, an aspiring yoga influencer, embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother. She documents the practice on her YouTube channel for the world to watch, allowing her audience intimate access to her journey. But what starts as a spiritual self-help guide evolves into something much more sinister. As Anya becomes obsessed with the mysterious power of the practice, she unwittingly unleashes an otherworldly entity that begins to take control of her life – and her videos. Now Anya must race to unlock the truth, before her descent into madness threatens to consume her mind, body and spirit. By the time she reveals the true nature of the ritual, will it be too late?

Written and directed by Alex Henes and Matthew Merenda, the film drops on VOD May 7, 2024.