Renny Harlin’s Refuge Arrives Friday on Demand

It came as a bit of a surprise, but the very busy director, Renny Harlin, announced another horror flick, Refuge, coming this Friday April 19, 2024, to VOD.

In this horror-thriller, a US military veteran — Sergeant Rick Pedroni — returns home changed and dangerous after a tour of duty in Afghanistan where he suffered an attack by a mysterious force. While officials dismiss his behavior as PTSD, and order trauma therapy, Rick’s wife, Kate, discovers her husband has been possessed by a malevolent spirit.

The film, written by  Ben Sztajnkrycer, stars Jason Flemyng, Raza Jeffrey, and Sophie Simnett. Harlin also has The Strangers: Chapter 1 coming to theaters May 17, 2024, as well as Deep Water coming later in 2024.