Friday the 13th Video Game is Getting Resurrected Soon

In what first seemed like an elaborate April Fools joke, news spread quickly yesterday of a fan movement to revive the recently shuddered Friday the 13th: The Game on Steam. Now, that seems more like a reality, and we couldn’t be happier.

Friday the 13th: Resurrected is a fan-made modded build of the Gun Interactive game, released in 2017, which will feature exclusive content like new playable characters, skins, and maps, as well as have dedicated multiplayer servers to enable gameplay into the future.

At the current time, the modded game will be available to play free and the release date will be announced April 15, 2024. According to the development team, the mod will not require that you have purchased the official game to work with Resurrected and the game will be available as a direct download from their Discord server. Disappointed fans of the original game may finally have the opportunity to play as Uber Jason on the never-released Grendel map that was promised by the original developers. The long-running legal battle between producer/director Sean Cunningham and writer Victor Miller crippled what could have been the greatest horror video game in history.

It’s no secret that we at Death Curse Society met while playing Friday the 13th: The Game and this website and our podcast would not exist without the original game, so this news has us very excited.