Meet Virginia – Barbara Crampton’s Character in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Video Game

Announced last month by the scream queen herself, Barbara Crampton will be joining the cast of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game from Gun Interactive as a playable victim named Virginia and the company released more information about her character today on the game’s community hub.

As you can see from the character model above, Virginia shares a likeness with Crampton and will also feature her voice. According to the release, “Virginia is a grief-stricken mother who cannot get over the disappearance of her son Jesse. She’s obsessive over his vanishing and refuses to believe that he could be gone. The weight of her pain is so immense she leaves behind her nursing career to move to Newt, TX, the last location Jesse was seen. Out of determination and desperation, she travels alone to remote areas in hopes of finding him. She even goes so far as to talk to anyone who could possibly have information on Jesse’s whereabouts. This eventually leads to Virginia spotting some unusual behavior near a remote farmhouse. With hope in her heart that she’ll find Jesse, her investigation of the property leads to her tragic run-in with The Family. Captured and trapped in a different kind of nightmare, Virginia will use her vast knowledge of homemade remedies to escape.”

“Virginia’s time as a nurse allows her to see Sissy’s flower powder and make special concoctions that she can use to possibly save her own life,” the notice continues. “With this mixture, she can throw it directly at a Family member to create a blue cloud that temporarily blinds them. This will buy Virginia and the other Victims time to run away and possibly live to see another day. Her special ability, Boon, can also be used to contaminate blood buckets on the property. If a Family member gathers blood from one of these buckets, they will be disoriented for a short amount of time.”

Crampton also shared some thoughts about her inclusion in the project, stating, “Gunnar Hansen was my friend so it’s been a great experience to keep the wonderful legacy of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre going with my inclusion in this game. Working with all the folks at GUN on my new DLC character has been a remarkable experience! They are among the best in the business. I’m so proud of what they have created and excited for everyone to see all the new stuff!”

No definitive date has been announced for the release of this character, but expect it to drop with the newest map, The Mill, to be added to the game in coming months. The Mill was featured in the community post as well, as you can see in the photo below.