Kickstart a Dying Light Board Game Now

Fans of the popular video game series, Dying Light, will likely be clamoring to Kickstarter today to back a campaign for a new board game based on the bestseller.

Developed by Glass Cannon Unplugged, the board game places 1-4 players in the roles of Runners – daredevils trying to outlive the end of civilization in the last outpost of humanity on Earth. As you explore the city of Villedor in a series of multi-mission story campaigns, your characters gain new skills, new equipment, and discover the perilous world of Dying Light. With an adrenaline-fueled parkour and combat system, the game offers a fresh take on the survival genre, providing both cooperative and true solo experiences. It features a modular city map with spectacular 3-D structures, interactive aids and hazards, a wide range of enemies, and an impactful day and night cycle.

Learn more about the project and back it today by visiting the Kickstarter page