Barbara Crampton Joins Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

In a short but revealing Instagram video on her official page, horror queen Barbara Crampton announced she will be part of a future DLC package for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game.

Crampton’s announcement comes days before Gun Media is set to release a series of new perks for players, including new outfits for two popular family members, Bride Sissy and Shirtless Johnny, as well as a new execution pack and weapon skins, which drops on Playstation, Xbox, and Steam Thursday, February 22. The player outfits will be free for all players, while the execution pack will cost $6.99. Check out the teaser Gun released on X below.

Crampton’s role will likely be part of a DLC drop in the future months, which will include a new map – possibly “The Mill” as the developers have been hinting – a new family member, and victim. Do you think Crampton will play a victim or family member?

Who will survive and what will be left of them? Play the game to find out.