Gacy Scripted Series Coming to Peacock

Peacock has ordered a limited scripted series from Dr. Death creator Patrick Macmanus to focus on the murders of famed serial killer John Wayne Gacy, according to Variety.

The official synopsis for John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise states, “From 1972-1978, thirty-three young men were kidnapped, murdered and buried in a crawl space beneath their killer’s house. And no one was the wiser. Not for all those years. Why? He was charming and funny. Had a good, All-American job. Was a community leader. He even volunteered to entertain sick kids… while dressed as a clown. ‘Devil In Disguise: John Wayne Gacy’ peels back the twisted layers of John Wayne Gacy’s life while weaving in the heartrending stories of his mostly gay victims; exploring the grief, guilt, and trauma of their families and friends; and exposing the systemic failures, missed opportunities and societal prejudices that fueled his reign of terror.”