Saw 10-Film Blu-ray Collection Coming in March

Saw fans will need to make room on their Blu-ray shelf soon for the next franchise collection being released March 5, 2024 and you can pre-order the Saw 10-Film Collection now at Amazon.

Currently priced at $79.99, the product is described as, “All 10 films from the most successful horror franchise in movie history – including the latest chapter, SAW X – are collected here in one terrifying set. Rewind to the beginning, when Jigsaw first springs his diabolically ingenious traps on the morally wayward, then travel his long road of pain all the way to Mexico in the newest entry’s untold story of John Kramer’s quest for a cancer cure, inspiring his most personal game yet.”

Unless you’re already salivating over the new set, you might want to wait since Saw XI is coming to theaters later this year and yet another set will likely follow.