Blumhouse and Atomic Monster Finalize Merger

Two production giants in the horror world have combined forces with hopes to double their creative output in coming years. Blumhouse, run by Jason Blum, and Atomic Monster, operated by James Wan, have agreed to terms in a merger that brings the two studios under one roof. Blum wrote on X (Twitter) Tuesday that:

Our deal is… Done. The preeminent homes for horror are now under one roof.

The companies first partnered in 2010 for Insidious and most recently last year on M3gan. This Friday, Night Swim, another partnership film, releases in theaters. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster will work as separate labels and retain creative independence, with a three-way ownership structure split by Blum, the majority owner; Wan; and Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal. The pair of executives hope to enourage more collaboration between the two companies and add to their theatrical release schedule in future years. Blum stated in November 2022:

We don’t usually put out more than three or four theatricals a year, and my hope is that with James (Wan) we could double that to six to eight theatricals.

As exciting as this may sound to some, more doesn’t always mean better. We’ll see if the quality of their films improves, lessens, or stays relatively constant as the partnership progresses.