MaXXXine Called Homage to Dario Argento and Giallo After Test Screening

One of the most anticipated films of 2024 is clearly Ti West’s MaXXXine, which will be the thrilling conclusion to his trilogy following X and Pearl. After a recent test screening in Burbank, CA, last month, first reactions have started to leak calling the upcoming “whodunnit slasher” over-the-top gory and a homage to Italian director Dario Argento and the Giallo sub-genre.

MaXXXine is set in Hollywood five years after the events of X, and Mia Goth returns as title character Maxine. While filming a slasher film at the same time a serial killer called the Night Stalker is preying on LA with an unhealthy focus on our star performer, Maxine’s friends and colleagues start dropping like flies. Besides the Giallo references, other minor leaks from the test screening includes there is a scene shot concerning the infamous Bates Motel from Psycho and a surprise actor that will make quite the impression on fans.

Production on MaXXXine wrapped in May and the film is expected to debut at a major film festival sometime in 2024 before releasing in theaters internationally.