Damien Leone Confirms Terrifier 3 Casting, Potential Video Game, and More in Recent Interview

Despite the recent rumors that it was having a hard time finding a distributor, Terrifier 3 is set to slash into theaters October 25, 2024, with Lauren LaVera returning as Sienna. But we learned from Deadline on Tuesday that she will be joined on-screen by Elliott Fullam as little brother Jonathan, Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria, and even Chris Jericho reprising his role from the very end of Terrifier 2.

This one is going to pick up where Part 2 left off, in the insane asylum, so, you’re going to see what transpires there, what mayhem unfolds, because seeing how Art and Victoria ended up, is so insane, and seeing how they get out of that situation and what happens next is going to be really wild. So, we have to get Chris back in there and see how he becomes a part of that situation.

Leone confirmed that the money is in place and that the price tag of Terrifier 3 will be “a couple of million.” Additionally, he teased a project that is in pre-production with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures as well as the potential opportunity to write a direct a mystery exploitation thriller revenge 80s reboot that would be a dream come true. Feel free to speculate in the comments about what that film may be.

In even more Terrifier news, Art the Clown is hoping to be stalking victims in a new medium soon, as writer/director Damian Leone states his desire to see a video game based on the world of Terrifier. According to a recent interview with Screen Rant, Leone said:

I would love a video game. We were just playing the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre game a couple of nights ago and that was so cool. Art would lend himself so well to a video game like that. You could be trapped in the warehouse surviving from the original Terrifier or you could be in the Terrifier haunted attraction from the end of Terrifier 2, it could be so much fun.

The topic of a video game came up during a question about Art haunting a live attraction, such as Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, which Leone says has also been discussed. He adds:

That’s a dream. I would love to have a house in Halloween Horror Nights. There’s already been talks of it over the years, so hopefully that becomes a reality because there’s just so many cool environments, and now we’re adding all these cool characters besides Art the Clown, these other creepy characters that you could really put in there, it could be a really cool experience.

With a little luck, perhaps Art the Clown could be a featured attraction at Universal this Halloween, just in time for the release of Terrifier 3, as well as your favorite game console in the near future.