Terror Trips

Welcome to Terror Trips with Joseph Scott! In this exclusive feature of Death Curse Society, we have partnered with famed traveler and horror filming location aficionado Joseph Scott to feature many of his adventures to the real places where some of your favorite horror movies are filmed.

Every couple of weeks, we will feature a past visitation of Joseph’s with history of the location, photos, videos, background stories, interviews with the current owners (if possible), and more. These will be logged in chronological order using the date of Joseph’s visit and new visitations will always be featured at the top of the page.

Zig Zag, Joseph Scott, and Redcranke on the steps of the Michael Myers house from John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) currently located in Pasadena, CA. Photo taken September 30, 2023.

Now, let’s go on a journey with our friend Joseph!

The Fog (1980)

Port Reyes Lighthouse, Inverness, California I am definitely an 80s kid who enjoys traveling across the country in search of classic 80s film locations. The lighthouse for radio station KAB… Read More

Never Hike Alone Fan Film Series

Location Undisclosed Camp Crystal Lake from the amazing independent film, Never Hike Alone, created and directed by Vincente DiSanti. This film is so much better than a lot of the… Read More