Mia Goth Target of Lawsuit After Allegedly Kicking MaXXXine Extra

Who knew Mia Goth was prone to violence? A lawsuit filed Friday by James Hunter, who was hired to play a “dead parishioner” in Ti West’s film, MaXXXine, which stars Goth and serves as the third and final film of a trilogy including X and Pearl, charges the actress with battery and accuses her of intentionally kicking him during a physical scene and then later mocking him after filming completed on the scene during production in April of last year.

Hunter states that he was hired for three days, and during the first night’s shoot, he was required to lay on the ground covered in blood for several hours as well as “enduring ants and mosquitoes,” according to the suit. During this time, Hunter complained to the second assistant director about Goth nearly stepping on him during the fourth take of a particular scene. Once Hunter’s concerns were relayed to Goth, she deliberately kicked him in the head on the following take. Hunter also alleges that Goth approached him in the bathroom and “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him, saying he couldn’t do anything about it.

Hunter claims his head began to hurt, while also experiencing pain from the fake blood that had dried onto his robe and skin, inflicting pain when he removed it. While driving home after the shoot, Hunter began to feel lightheaded and felt it necessary to pull over twice. He was told the production did not need his services the remaining two days for which he was originally hired. Along with the battery charges Goth is facing, Hunter’s lawsuit, which is asking for damages in the amount of $500,000, also claims wrongful termination against A24, Goth, and West.

I don’t know if anyone wants to mess with Goth or you might end up as lunch for a swamp-bound alligator.