2022 Horror Releases and Rating

January 2, 2022

Here we will display all the new horror releases – including theatrical, VOD and streaming – we are aware of throughout the year 2022 and give you, the fans, a chance to rate each film. At the end of the year, we will compile all rankings and release the Death Curse Society Fans Top 10. Films will be displayed shortly before their release date. Please only one rating per person, per film. This will be tracked by IP and although we know there are ways around this, please respect the intention of the ratings. You can also come here and look for new horror films to watch based on our fan ratings. If we missed a film, please include it below. We will not accept submissions of DVD or other physical releases only. All films included here must be available in some form of digital or major theatrical release.

Submit a Film for Inclusion

If this film is available on VOD or streaming, please indicate a specific location. If this film is available online, please enter the direct URL for the film. This can be YouTube or Vimeo. Other links may not work correctly.
We will only use this email if we need further information or to inform you why we didn't include this on our website.